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Wicked twisted baffling hair-raising

Phenomenal wrap quirky mad

Mindblowing mental your wild

Ridiculous psycho funny head

Brainteasing around unbelievable

Mind sidesplitting fantastic

Comedy bending crazy original

Wild wacky magic funky

amazing hilarious surprisingly scary

Boris Nicoli: X-KGB Mind Reader

Boris holding his idenity card by his face for proof

Boris was part of the Elite Mind Reading section of the KGB during the cold war, but since it has ended...He has had to go into the entertainment business...

A Comedy Mind Reading Show that is original and hilarious as the Russian Character, Boris does amazing and unexplainable mind feats that the audience loves...


"Love Connection" showing the Luv, "In a Word" Boris' trouble free cure for loneliness and the mind boggling "Showbiz Name", learn how Boris improved his English through "psychic" KGB mind power (unexplainable), "I Spy with my Little Closed Eye.  Your sides will split; when Boris chooses someone to be his next Apprentice and puts him or her through the paces into becoming the next X-KGB Mind Reader. Audience members will be baffled as they actual perform mind reading tricks on each other; they certainly love to join, as Boris is the lovable rogue who treats them with utmost respect. No one is ever forced to do anything they don't want to.

It can also feature the world famous, hilarious "Electric Chair" comedy routine-Russian Style and there are three versions of "Russian Roulette" and none of the versions include a gun!

Boris being cuddled by the Lovely Russianettes

The Lovely Russianettes

Boris would love nothing better than to take his show to a whole new level by having the amazing talents of the lovely Russianettes.   Their dance routines blows the minds of those who watch , which makes them the perfect compliment to Boris Nicoli:X-KGB Mind Reader Act. They join in all the antics with Boris while providing Russian techno style dancing to make the event a truly Variety Cabaret experience.

They can also mix and mingle in the crowd as they are The Lovely Russianettes!

The Russianettes will cost a bit more to add to the show , but who can put a price on beauty!  The are definitely worth it and worth your full consideration.


Boris also loves to mix and mingle in crowds doing mind reading tricks as people are milling around for whatever the reason.


"You are incredibly talented and I don't know how the hell you did that"

                                                                                      -Sophie Anderton-


**********STOP PRESS************STOP PRESS****************STOP PRESS


Boris Nicoli; X-KGB Mind Reader has won the "Pete Macahon Award for Comedy"2009, which recognizes new and upcoming Comedy Talent.

Pete Macahon was a extremely talented comedy magician, a familiar face on television as Papa in Channel's 4 "Monkey Magic", History of Magic and many other programmes, A superb live act as well.  He died at an early age and at the beginning of his career and in his honour the "Pete Macahon Award for Comedy" was started and is administered by Comedy/ Magicians who choose one comedy magic act a year to be honoured, since 2004.


 Length of Act


Boris Nicoli; Ex-KGB Mind Reader Cabaret Show

Any length from 5 mins - 75 mins



Boris Nicoli; Ex-KGB Mind Reader Close up/ Table Hopping/ Mixing and Mingling               

Any length from 30 mins - 3 hours even longer