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Urban Street Magic

Edgy Street Magic that engulfs youth culture and is exactly what captures the heart of teenagers and you know that is a challenge in itself. Nails through the nose, cards moving on their own , coins penetrating unopened cans and a bit of blood are only a few things that compel people to watch Urban Street Magic.

Mixing and Mingling is one approach with Urban Street Magic, but because of the very edgy nature of it , a crowd soon grows and J P adapts to the crowd and occasion by doing some of the edgy escapes with chains , handcuffs and straightjackets with his own brand of Street sense of humour.

Urban Street Stand Up Show is the other approach which will get a crowd immediately and hanging to see wassup ! The perfect blend of Comedy and edge.

Ideal for Skateparks, Urban Festivals, Urban Skate Competitions, Youth Promotion, Youth Clubs, Music Festivals and Street Parties...

Urban Street Magic Workshop

For those who want learn the secrets of Urban street magic so they can impress their friends then this workshop is for them. Learn hands on the magic you have seen the likes of David Blaine and Paul Zenon do on the streets in their TV Specials. Not for everybody, in another words you have to be committed to keeping what you learn a secret and learning it so well you don't give anything away when you show it to somebody.

Duration : 2 Hours (nails supplied)